What should you know about the freight exchange?


The freight exchange is known as an online service that is used by logistics provider, transportation companies, freight forwarders and haulage companies. Freight exchange really benefits these providers. Freight forwarders and logistics providers make use of freight exchange to promote their freight loads in order for it to match the freight load and their availbale vehicle capacity. The freight exchange helps haulage companies to find a list of available freight that will be needed to be advertised and delivered and that will fit into their available vehicle capacity. Logistics companies, transporters, freight forwarders uses the freight exchange systems platforms to communicate with other operators about freight traffic information. Forwarders make use of freight exchange to promote their freight even if it is publicly or privately available to a lot of different freight operators that are searching for different loads and this is what they use to give permission to different freight operators to promote their the space of their vehicle. The freight exchange online system is a normal subscription based system and has a small cost of these services since it will be used for searching, consulting and advertisement.


The main goal of the freight exchange is to complete the empty spaces of the vehicles that are on the return journey by matching them to the available number of freight. They use this so that when they return from their delivery they will still have full delivery vehicles. Here is an example; the delivery will truck will need to delivery goods to a certain location and they will need to make use of a freight exchange to get a freight order in order for them to increase their profitability by getting a return freight on their way back home, click here to know more!


Return freight will really improve the efficiency of transport and haulage companies. The freight exchange will help them search for return loads and cut down expenses such as CO2 emissions.  To learn more about freight exchange, visit


Even before the internet, they have been using freight exchange and it was launched in the year 1985.


This is the first electronic freight exchange in the world. They had a terminal to find, advertise and exchange freights. Nowadays, this has been a good example for a number of freight forwarders and haulers that are offering services all over the whole world.


Today, freight exchanges are much more efficient, click here to get started!